Special greases

For a wide range of applications

Constant performance under all conditions

Gears, roller bearings and joints demand the highest degree of strength and endurance. That is why Siebert lubricants are already taken into account as an essential element in the early stages of the design process. Thus they assure that components provide a lifetime performance without continous local lubrication. They ensure the lifelong performance of individual components, and are used across all industries, from the transport to the construction and Tunnel drilling sector, in agriculture and forestry and of course in the steel and food industries.

Siebert lubricants are not subject to any labelling requirement.

Siebert product portfolio

  • Roller and slide bearing greases
  • Low-viscosity lubricants
  • High temperature greases
  • High temperature pastes
  • Biodegradable greases
  • Low noise greases
  • Our food industry lubricants are due to NSF H1 standards
    and certified as halal and kosher