Konzentrat EP 370

Top for performance and sustainability

Konzentrat EP 370

Siebert is revolutionising the world of coolants. Konzentrat EP 370 is the first coolant to successfully combine top performance with maximum health and safety plus environmental protection.

This product is the result of forward-thinking product development. After all, the requirements specified by coolant customers are becoming ever more complex. Customers are increasingly looking for formulations that not only offer maximum performance but also satisfy ecological and health-related criteria.

Konzentrat EP 370 coolant is ahead of its time. Due to its sophisticated formula, it goes well beyond statutory requirements. With this in mind, the Konzentrat EP 370 primarily caters for industrial end users for whom sustainability during production is becoming a key factor.

Maximum performance in all areas

Konzentrat EP 370 coolant represents maximum process reliability. This product can be used seamlessly for the machining of all common materials such as aluminium, steel, titanium, cast iron or non-ferrous metal. The product is characterised by a high level of technical performance in relation to all processes, from drilling and grinding through to milling.

Konzentrat EP 370 conserves natural resources. This product exhibits excellent flushing behaviour, thus ensuring that machinery consistently remains clean. It can be mixed with water of any hardness grade without excessive foaming during use. The new formula also offers good long-term stability, thus enabling long change intervals.

Proactive protection for people and the environment

Proactive protection for people and the environment

Konzentrat EP 370 delivers a high level of performance without the use of additives that are subject to labelling requirements. It contains no boron, nitrite or amines and is free from formaldehyde depots. There is no need for process owners and machinery operators to check for hazard symbols on the product label, which makes things much easier when using the coolant every day. In practice, this feature results in mutual understanding between staff and decision-makers and makes it easy to handle the coolant throughout a process. A pH value of 8.5 or lower also guarantees excellent skin compatibility and therefore a high level of acceptance among machinery operators. Konzentrat EP 370 has the lowest water hazard classification (in line with the German Federal Water Act — WGK 1), meaning that requirements relating to storage are much less complex.


Sustainability is a topic that is becoming ever more important to coolant users. Enhance your product range with Konzentrat EP 370 — a formula that will not only impress customers with all aspects of its performance but that also offers a high degree of sustainability when it comes to health and safety and the environment.