eFuel Alliance

Shaper of the energy transition: Siebert is a member of the eFuel Alliance

Climate-neutral fuels and combustibles can play a significant role in shaping transport and heat generation of the future. The use of what are known as eFuels can thus be a key factor in sustainable energy concepts and is extremely important for society as a whole. As a company committed to sustainability, Siebert is a dedicated member of the eFuel Alliance. It is an initiative whose mission is to promote and intensify the production of synthetic liquid fuel and combustibles, and thus advance the energy transition innovatively, sustainably and safely.

What makes eFuel unique?

eFuels are synthetic liquid fuels and 100% climate-neutral. They are generated using electricity from renewable energy sources, water and the CO2 present in the air using the Fischer-Tropsch process, without releasing any further CO2. In terms of their carbon footprint, eFuels are one thing in particular: neutral, but no less powerful than conventional fuels. Fuels can become climate-neutral by 2050 if the climate-neutral alternative is gradually blended with fossil liquids. This makes them a real alternative for the energy mix of the future.

eFuels: the climate-neutral future of transport and heat generation

  • Compatible with conventional combustion engines and can be used in existing vehicle fleets
  • Nationwide infrastructure: can be purchased at conventional petrol stations
  • Climate-neutral alternative to petrol, diesel and kerosene – efficient use for oil heaters
  • Broad production and simple transport conditions
  • Long range due to high energy density
  • Alternative fuel for air, sea and heavy goods transport of the future
  • Important component of climate-neutral buildings, reducing the need for expensive renovations

More information on the eFuels Alliance can also be found at www.efuel-alliance.eu.